How to quickly buy a suitable car tail plate?

In such an environment, the automobile tail plate, as a vehicle loading and unloading tool installed in the rear of the car, with its characteristics of greatly improving the efficiency of loading and unloading, ensuring operational safety and reducing operating costs, is quickly known and used by the public, and has become a necessary equipment in the logistics industry.

Since its establishment in 1995, Kaizholi is committed to deeply cultivate and empower the logistics industry, not only initiating the "self-run" route of integration of production, research and marketing, creating a development model for tailplate industry, but also actively promoting the process of industry standardization and standardization, deeply participating in the discussion and formulation of industry standards. After continuous efforts, on May 1, 2019, the Ministry of Transport officially issued the National standard "Technical Requirements for Installation and Use of Vehicle Tail Crane Plates", which will be implemented on December 1, 2019.

The implementation of national standards to promote the automobile tail plate industry formally into a new stage of rapid development, from now on the tail plate has a legal new identity. So as the end user of the car tail plate, the majority of card friends should quickly choose a suit of their own vehicle tail plate?

Generally speaking, in the selection of automobile tail plate, the main consideration of four factors: tail plate type, tail plate quality, tail plate tonnage, of course, the most important is the tail plate brand, as far as possible to choose the industry's big brands, product quality and after-sales service is guaranteed. You can choose the corresponding tailplate type according to your industry, model and specific needs. In general, the tail plate can be divided into three categories:

1. Cantilever type
The mainstream choice of the industry market, deeply loved by the majority of users, after years of market testing.
1. Advantages: Suitable for all kinds of box trucks, pallet trucks and other special transport vehicles.
2. On behalf of the application industry: supermarket distribution, moving company, logistics and transportation, vegetable distribution, tableware distribution, garbage recycling vehicles, equipment handling, etc., can meet the transportation needs of various industries.

How to quickly buy a suitable car tail plate

2. Vertical
City distribution of the main supporting, 4.2 meters of vehicle applications are more, can be directly used as the back door, economic benefits.
1. Advantages: The tail plate can replace the tail door of the carriage, especially suitable for 4.2m vans, railcars and other vehicles.
2. On behalf of the application industry: food catering truck, supermarket distribution, urban small logistics, dry goods transportation, etc.

On the use and classification of automobile tail plate2

3. Folding
The best companion for refrigerated transportation, ingenious design, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of refrigerated vehicles.
1. Advantages: The tail plate is collected under the carriage, which will not have any influence on the carriage opening and closing, reversing, etc., and can realize the seamless connection between the transport vehicle and the warehouse.
2. On behalf of the application industry: cold chain logistics transportation, logistics bus, etc.

On the use and classification of automobile tail plate1

Transom tons
Tail plate tonnage refers to the rated load of the tail plate, the majority of card friends need to grasp the attributes and weight of their own transport goods. In the actual process of purchasing tail plate, choose the appropriate tail plate tonnage according to the maximum weight of goods in a single pallet.

Rated load Applied model
The 1T 4. 2 m model is mainly used
The 1.5T 4. 2m and above models
The 2T 9. 6 m model is mainly used

Transom brand
Try to choose big brands in the industry, product quality and after-sales service is guaranteed, especially to support the national after-sales service network guarantee system, in order to really solve the problems encountered in the later use process. Through years of deep cultivation and cultivation, Nengding has established a nationwide market service network, with high standards and high quality as the criterion, to ensure that the first time to solve the needs of users.

Post time: Jul-21-2022