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Some equipment fire trucks or fire trucks for special operations are equipped with a liftable tail board at the rear, which is convenient for the loading and unloading of large fire equipment. The industries where tail boards are widely used are logistics, transportation, express delivery and other fields; More than 1 ton, easy to operate, especially suitable for quick loading and unloading of large equipment such as hand pumps and generators.

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When loading and unloading goods, vans equipped with tail boards are not limited by site, equipment and manpower. Even only one person can complete the loading and unloading of goods. The use of tail boards for loading and unloading is fast, safe and efficient, which can greatly improve transportation and loading and unloading. Efficiency is the necessary equipment for modern logistics and transportation. Widely used in logistics, finance, petrochemical, tobacco, commerce, manufacturing and other industries.

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The van uses the on-board battery as the power source, which is environmentally friendly and easy to operate. In the domestic and international environment of energy conservation and emission reduction, its advantages are more obvious.

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van tailgates

There are two main types of van tailgates:
1. Standard tailgate
Standard tailgate, also called cantilever tailgate, has the widest range of applications. Because the support seat must be placed at the bottom of the car frame, and the support seat and the car are fixed by a special installation hanger, the cantilever tail plate installation requires certain requirements. It is characterized by large load capacity and strong usability, which can be applied to most models.

2. Special tailgate
With the gradual improvement of the technical level of the domestic tailgate industry, combined with the actual application of the product and the development trend of the foreign tailgate industry, various tailgate manufacturers have successively developed folding tailgates, vertical lift tailgates, vehicle boarding bridges and other new tail boards, enriching the product content and meeting the needs of customers to the greatest extent.


1. There are generally dozens of plate sizes for the tailgate, and each manufacturer has professionals for customers to choose.
2. There are generally 2 types of board surface materials: patterned steel plate surface and aluminum alloy board surface. This requires customers to select them according to their own economic conditions and use needs.
3. The lifting weight of the tail panel is conventionally divided into 3 types: 1 ton, 1.5 tons, 2 tons. Some manufacturers can also achieve 3 tons or more.
4. The weight of the tail panel itself is generally 300~500KG.
5. The conventional colors of the rear panel are black and gray. The manufacturer can basically change the color according to your requirements.

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