Retractable Tailgate Lift for Special Vehicles

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The Retractable Tailgate Lift for Special Vehicles is the ideal solution for vehicles that require a custom tailgate lift with advanced safety and performance features. Its robust construction, precise control, and comprehensive safety measures make it the perfect choice for specialized vehicles in various industries.

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Our new Retractable Tailgate Lift for Special Vehicles, a custom tailgate lift designed to meet the unique needs of your vehicle. This innovative product is equipped with advanced features to ensure smooth and safe operation, making it the perfect solution for vehicles that require a reliable and efficient tailgate lift system.

Whether you need a reliable tailgate lift for emergency vehicles, service trucks, or other specialized applications, our custom tailgate lift offers the durability and safety features you need to keep your vehicle operating at its best. Experience the benefits of our advanced tailgate lift technology and ensure the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's operations.

Retractable Tailgate Lift
Custom Tailgate Lift

Product Features

1、The Retractable Tailgate Lift for Special Vehicles features a nickel-plated piston and dust-proof rubber sleeve, providing robust and long-lasting performance. This high-quality construction ensures the durability and reliability of the tailgate lift, even in the most demanding environments.

2、The hydraulic station of the tailgate lift is equipped with a built-in flow control valve, allowing for precise adjustment of the lifting and rotation speed. This feature makes it easy to control the movement of the tailgate, providing enhanced safety and efficiency during operation.

3、To further enhance safety, the tailgate lift is built with three protection switches, effectively preventing car circuit short circuit, low battery voltage, excessive current, and burning of the circuit or motor when the tailgate is overloaded. This comprehensive safety system ensures the protection of both the vehicle and its cargo, giving you peace of mind during operation.

4、For added safety measures, the rear tailgate hydraulic cylinder can be equipped with a built-in explosion-proof safety valve upon customer request. This valve helps prevent damage to the tailgate and cargo in the event of an oil pipe burst, offering an additional layer of protection for your vehicle and its contents.

5、The Retractable Tailgate Lift for Special Vehicles also comes equipped with anti-collision bars, which help separate the tailgate from the car's tailgate, preventing damage caused by long-term collisions. This feature further extends the lifespan of the tailgate lift and ensures the protection of your vehicle.

6、All cylinders of the tailgate lift are designed with thickened construction, providing superior strength and durability. This eliminates the need to install a hanging bumper at the bottom of the tailgate to protect the cylinder, simplifying installation and maintenance.

7、To ensure the highest level of safety, the tailgate lift's circuit is equipped with a safety protection system. When the tailgate is raised flush with the cabin, the circuit will automatically cut off, preventing any potential hazards during operation.


1. How do you make the shipment?
We will transport the trailers by bulk or cotainer, we have possess longterm cooperation with ship agency who can provide you lowest shipping fee.

2. Can you satisfy my special requirement?
Sure! We are direct manufacturer with 30 years experience and we have strong producing capacity and R&D capacity.

3. How can you guarantee quality?
Our raw material and OEM parts including axle, suspension, tyre are purchased centralized by ourselves, every part will be inspected strictly. Moreover, advanced equipment rather than only worker is been applied during the whole producing process to ensure the welding quality.

4. Can I have samples of this type of trailer to test the quality?
Yes, you can buy any samples to test the quality, our MOQ is 1 set.

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