The tail panel of the sanitation vehicle can be customized according to the beams of various models

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Garbage trucks are widely used. It is suitable for sanitation, municipal administration, factories and mines, property communities, and residential areas with a lot of garbage. One car can carry multiple large compartments, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution during the transportation process of loading and unloading. It can be said to be a major invention in special vehicles, and it has also contributed to the environmental sanitation of the world. The invention of garbage trucks has great creative significance.

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The tailgate sorting garbage truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers, cleans and transports garbage and avoids secondary pollution. Its main features are that the garbage collection method is simple and efficient. Municipal, factories and mines, property communities, residential areas with a lot of garbage, and urban street garbage disposal, all have the function of sealed self-unloading, hydraulic operation, and convenient garbage dumping.

hydraulic lift for dump truck


1. The tail plate can be customized according to the beam of various models.
2. Suitable for all kinds of sanitation vehicles, battery vehicles, small trucks and other models.
3. The tail panel is equipped with a three-button button switch, and the door opening and closing action is operated with both hands, which is safer.
4. Suitable for 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V car batteries.


1. Good airtight performance. Guarantee that no dust or leakage will be caused during transportation, which is the basic requirement for installing the top cover system.
2. Good safety performance. The airtight box cover cannot exceed the vehicle body too much, which will affect normal driving and cause potential safety hazards. Changes to the entire vehicle should be reduced to ensure that the center of gravity remains unchanged when the vehicle is loaded.
3. Easy to use. The top cover system can be opened and stowed normally in a short period of time, and the cargo loading and unloading process is not affected.
4. Small size and light weight. Try not to occupy the internal space of the car body, and the self-weight should not be too large, otherwise the transportation efficiency will be reduced or overloaded.
5. Good reliability. The service life and maintenance costs of the entire closed box lid system will be affected.


Model Rated load (KG) Maximum lifting height (mm) Panel size (mm)
TEND-QB05/085 500 850 custom
System pressure 16Mpa
Operating voltage 12v/24v(DC)
speed up or down 80mm/s

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