Manufacturers supply livestock and poultry car tail board Chicks, piglets and chicks transport car tail board can be with lifting hydraulic tail board

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Because live livestock and poultry are more likely to carry the virus, live poultry and livestock transport vehicles have always been the object of strict management by law enforcement departments.

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Studies have shown that the long-distance transportation of live livestock and poultry is an important reason for the spread of animal epidemics. According to statistics, 70% of the long-distance transmission of animal epidemics in my country is caused by inter-provincial transportation. Long-distance transportation of livestock and poultry is the main way for the cross-regional spread of epidemic livestock and poultry diseases, and vehicles are important carriers of the virus. As the direct person in charge of the transportation of live livestock and poultry, do a good job in cleaning and disinfection of the livestock and poultry transport vehicles and avoid direct contact with livestock and poultry, so as to ensure that the transport drivers and loading and unloading staff are not infected by livestock and poultry bacteria or viruses.

Live livestock and poultry transport vehicles are special transport vehicles with different vehicle types. Generally, they are multi-layered and the carriage body is closed. Therefore, it is more difficult to load and unload live livestock and poultry than conventional vehicles. At this time, there is a need for a handling tool that can realize layered storage, loading and unloading, that is, the tail plate of livestock and poultry vehicles.

ail board of livestock and poultry vehicle6
ail board of livestock and poultry vehicle5
ail board of livestock and poultry vehicle7


The tailgate consists of a mechanical system, a hydraulic transmission system and an electrical control system.
Fast: only need to control the lifting and lowering of the tailgate through the operation button, and the transportation of goods between the ground and the carriage can be easily completed.
Safety: The use of the tail board can make the goods easy to load and unload without manpower, thereby preventing casualties and bumping damage to the goods during the loading and unloading process, and ensuring the safety of loading and unloading.
Efficiency: Loading and unloading using the tailgate of the car does not require other equipment, and is not restricted by places and personnel, and one person can complete loading and unloading.
Save resources, improve working power, and can give full play to the economic performance of the vehicle.

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