Motor tailgate motor 12v 12v 1.7KW brushed DC motor for tailgate lift

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In the process of using the tailgate of the car, some problems may occur. For example, if the motor does not rotate.

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There are several reasons why the motor does not turn:
1. There is not enough in the motor store; we only need electricity or replace the battery.
2. The control button is damaged or has poor contact; the treatment method is to repair or replace the control button.
3. The connection of the battery terminal is in poor contact; it is only necessary to tighten the connection of the battery terminal to keep it in good contact.
4. The motor is damaged; replace the motor.



Advantage of 1.7KW Brush DC Motor For Tailgate Lift.
1. Low noise, easy brush replacement, 100% copper wire, good quality fresh raw materials.
2. Strictly control every production, inspection, packing link.
3. Efficient and stable running time, one year warranty.
4. OEM and customized service avaliable.
5. Advanced automatic and semi-automatic equipments.
6. Robust construction for long and reliable service life.
7. 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V as per customers' option.
8. High class professional R&D team and skilled workers.
9. Factory established in 1996 over 20 years' manufacturing experience.
10. Highly qualified service, able to solve any problems.


1. Can you provide detailed technical information and drawings?
Yes, we can. Please tell us which product and application you need and we will send you detailed technical data and drawings for your evaluation and confirmation.

2. Can I visit your factory before placing an order?
Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory. We are very happy if we have the opportunity to learn more about each other.

3. How does your company control product quality?
With a professional quality team, advanced product quality planning, strict execution and continuous improvement, our product quality is well controlled and consistent.

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